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The Husqvarna K1260 Rail Saw is a market leading rail cutter. Designed specifically for the task of cutting in situ railway rails during track side repairs.

The Husqvarna K1260 disc cutter saw can utilize 14″ and 16″ blade diameters. The disc cutter is a market leading professional grade tool it provide for a multitude of cutting applications at the jobsite.


The K1260 features a new Active Air Filtration™ system designed to allow for operation of up to one year without filter changes. It comes with a powerful 5.8Kw motor for tough cutting tasks. The durastarter is a dust seal system that gives trouble free starting on those cold winter mornings.


The Husqvarna K1260 comes in two options. Either supplied complete with a 14″ diamond blade suitable for cutting concrete or a 16″ diamond blade suitable for cutting concrete. A range of optional extras can be supplied with the saw.


  • Active Air Filtration™
  • One of the market’s most powerful rail cutters.
  • Capacity for a 400 mm blade.
  • Double attachment mountings allow cutting from both directions.
  • Fast, stable mounting of the attachment onto the rail.
  • Precise right-angle cuts on all levels.
  • The new generation of Active Air Filtration™ is one of the most efficient air filtration systems on the market, delivering operational times of up to one year, with no filter service required.
  • Starting is easy, thanks to EasyStart.
  • SmartCarb™, built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption. 


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